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my life is a ball of yarn

it's all a tangled mess

Aimee Mayer
13 December 1985
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Almost done with college (unless this hasn't been updated in a while, only 3 classes left as of Jan '09), and no clue what to do with my life after. I'm an English major, but not one that can tell you about all the paradigms and the various themes in mid-1800s American fiction, etc. If I make a mistake with my English, it is likely I am tired or was making fun of the language with a friend (rarer is funner as more rarer which is funnest). I love my cat, my husband, and I love reading. I also just started staying home, at least for now to get my house in order, and am LOVING the home improvement thing. Maybe I'll be able to stay at home and be one of those stay-at-home wives/mothers, but we'll see. I'll need to find a way to help out with the income. Maybe with crafts...

I enjoy talking to friends, my mother, and my father, and I enjoy watching movies, and the scenes where there are explosions... such as in V for Vendetta. That one makes me peal with laughter, especially with the music. =) I also love mocking movies, like Lord of the Rings (haha Legolas is so gay, and Frodo is so tragic)....

I also miss seeing my friends, since we hardly get the chance to do so anymore, but one does what one can, so I hope that I can find the time to relax and keep connected to those that mean the most to me, which does include my friends.